Budgeting and Planning
Track spending, create a budget and develop a savings plan to reach your goals with our easy-to-use online or mobile budgeting and planning tools.

Service Features

  • Available online via Digital Banking or on the go with Mobile Banking*
  • System automatically categorizes your transactions or you can customize to your needs
  • Track and analyze spending in a wide range of categories
  • Set up a detailed budget so you can keep spending under control
  • Create savings goals and track your progress month to month

Service Benefits

  • Know exactly how your money is being spent
  • Analyze spending and plan ahead using bold, graphic reports that are easy to customize
  • Stay on track with clear goals and a budget that makes getting there easier

Getting Started

  1. Log in to Digital or Mobile Banking
  2. Select Planning
  3. Choose Budget or Goals from the sub-menu
  4. Refer to our Digital or Mobile Banking Guide for further instructions
  5. Need additional help? Call +1 256 244 8746 or get a helping hand in person with our local Digital Delegates.

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Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection life preserver

Protect your account from overdrafts with an overdraft protection plan.

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